After a whirlwind six months with two sellout releases on Kyle Hall's Wild Oats and beat-oriented sister label No Room For Air, K15 returns to WotNot Music for the second in his beat-tape series. While the first of these, The Black Tape on INI Movement, reflected on themes of bereavement and new beginnings, The Scarlet Tape deals with the passion that has recently started to pay off for the London producer.
With more releases in the pipeline, as well as a follow up to last year's Bordeaux 12 on WotNot, this marks another chapter in the K15 story. The producer had this to say about the release...
How it fits in?  The first track picks up where The Black Tape left off. The conversational excerpts are ideals/principles that matter to me and are also answers to questions I continually ask myself or have been asked.
What does Scarlet mean? Well it's a colour, one of passion, that's what this tape is about - having a passion about something until you don't have it anymore. Maybe. Maybe it's just a beat tape.
Jay Scarlett? His involvement in compilations were of huge importance to me. I remember seeing his name all over the place and feeling really inspired that there was someone supporting the kind of music I was making. He's been really supportive of lots of things people have done - he has passion. He asked me to do a mix and out of that, the Scarlet tape was born.